st. lucia day

St lucia

Happy St. Lucia Day! I tried to celebrate by making saffron rolls but had two failed attempts and plan to stay out of the kitchen for a little while. 🙂 Hope you had a nice day! 

Photo of Lucia girls at Skansen by Nenyaki.


  1. I hate that feeling – wasting food, needlessly messing the kitchen. My crafting experiences nearly always end up that way… I have better luck cooking.

    Hope you enjoyed the day nevertheless. When all else fails, blame the oven 😉

  2. I celebrate Saint Lucia day as well! My dress doesn’t fit anymore, but my wreath of candles can still perch on my head! I wasn’t able to be with my family this evening to bake our treats (and drink great Swedish coffee!) so I am lighting lots of candles and having my own festival of lights to ward off the darkness of a long winter! I have been so thrilled to follow your travels through Sweden- please do not stop sharing! I spend midsummer there two years ago, visiting my family, and am eager to return!

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