paper stars


Before I left Sweden, I kept seeing all these giant stars for sale in the stores. I thought they were cute but couldn't quite capture a vision for them. Recently I've seen them used in some inspirational photos (here + here) and they feel super fresh + fun for a Christmas decoration. You can buy them here.

Photo by Chris Everard via Dress, Design, Decor.


  1. You can also make them yourself. There was a tutorial in the French magazine “Marie-Claire Idées”, I think it was last year, or the year before… I’m sure you can find a similar tutorial on the web, though!

  2. Really lovely holiday decor idea! They sell a lot of these in New Mexico — but they are usually very brightly colored, with crazy patterns. Fun!

  3. What a lovely image! In Sweden we just love those stars, we’ve got them everywhere. You put a light inside them and hang them in the window. When everything is dark (wich it is this time of the year) they light up beautifully.

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