olivia raincoat


This raincoat (and the wellies!) from Plumo, is just what we need to get through this soggy Portland season. And in case you were wondering, Portland is being very much itself right now. Lots of rain and lots of darkness!


  1. I love this whole outfit. I’ve been trying to decide between green and black wellies. Just when I think I’ve decided on black, this pic is swinging me toward the green side.

  2. Chelsea… thank you for the sweet comment on my blog about the sketch! 😛 aw~ I’ve always been self conscious about my handwriting! Hey… a little bird told me you talked with Elizabeth Messina? Just heard it on the breeze. Such a small world.

  3. actually, i really miss the Portland fashions and weather (nostalgia makes bad weather fuzzy and romantic…)

    I love your work, simple and fresh aesthetic and all the ideas you feature on your site.

    ta ta,


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