new years table

122909 new year image

I love the styling of this table. Last New Years I had a cozy get together in my apartment and decorated in all white, with lots of candles and Mostly Martha playing in the background (because I love all the white in that movie:).

By Sofie Lawett via Olivet.


  1. oh so pretty! i’m on my own for new year’s this year (huz is on the road and I’m decidedly anti-going out) but maybe I’ll set a special table just for me!

    and I love the idea of having an aesthetically inspiring movie playing in the background! only you would think up something that genius, miz fuss!

  2. I love your work! Would you mind telling me what the weather in Sweden is like in October? My husband and I want to go this year, but our timeline with work is forcing us to a fall visit…just wondering if we will be freezing or should totally change our destination. Thanks for your help and all o fthe lovely posts.

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