2009 work + projects in review

Here are some of my favorite projects (some just for fun + some for work) in 2009. I feel really grateful for the creative opportunities I've had this year and the people I've had the chance to collaborate with. After spending several years cooped up in a cubicle it felt good to unleash a bit of creativity. I still have a long way to grow and a lot to learn, but I am having fun. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Pola 10 

January. A Winter Picnic at Luscher Farm with friends + Polaroids. More here.


March. Prop + Set styling for a dreamy shoot with Elizabeth Dye, Twigs & Honey, + Lisa Warninger. (Photo by Lisa Warninger)


April. A lilac + khaki table for Project Wedding.

Hellobore bouquet 

May. An English bouquet of viburnum, hellebores, lily of the valley, and strawberry flowers.

Urban Weeds 

June. I started Urban Weeds: Street Style from Portland with photographer Lisa Warninger. (photo by Lisa Warninger).

Geranium bouquet 

September. A geranium flower arrangement for Once Wed. (Photo by Lisa Warninger)

Swedish house tour 

Aug- Nov. (OK, not really a project, but a highlight and definitely an inspiration!) Living in Sweden. Photo from this house tour.


October. Photo-shooting around Crete with my friend Amber. The Catholic garden was a highlight. More here. Returning to Greece after 10 years and being able to share it with my sister and dear friend Jenny was also a personal highlight.


October. A Simple Wedding in Santorini for Project Wedding. This was one of my all-time favorite projects. Of course, it helped that we were in Fira and there was a cute French boy on set.


December. Began a comfort food series with my genius of cook, sister, Elizabeth. Hopefully this won't result in too many additional pounds!

Thank you so much for sharing so many projects and moments with me this year!


  1. Oh wow Chelsea! Look at all you accomplished. Of course, I know and love it all, but seeing it all lined up here makes it seem all the more impressive. Congratulations on a great year and I hope there’s much more to come in 2010.


  2. You’ve done so much amazing work this year Chelsea! And it’s so inspiring to know that you’re finally able to pursue something creative after years in a cubicle – I’m holding out hope for myself in the future as well. Can’t wait to see what you do in 2010!

  3. Oh, I remember each and every one of these! I’d forgotten about that beautiful winter picnic, it’s wonderful to be reminded of it. These are all so lovely, and such great inspiration – thanks, Chelsea – I look forward to seeing even more of your beautiful work in 2010!

  4. How lovely to have such documentation of a year’s accomplishments. Looks like you are living life to the fullest. Congratulations on your successful escape from the daily grind 🙂

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