swedish moose!


Today our city bus stopped for a moose! It made me smile. Moose are such tall, almost elegant animals. I loved watching it prance across the road!

Photo from tschoppi on Flickr.


  1. I love moose! This absolutely made my day. The ones here are very shy… you have to get up super early to see them, though occasionally a more brazen yearling will be seen prancing about. They love to lick the salt from the roads in the winter!

  2. Awesome. When I was in Tromso, my aunt stopped to let me catch a photo of reindeer on the side of the road. They are all over the place apparently so my cousin thought I was crazy for wanting to snap a picture.

  3. Aren’t they stunning? At our farm in the middle of the forrest you can sometimes see them every now and then, but they’re pretty elusive, so you’re lucky!

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