new donna hay book

Seasons by donna hay

I am all about living + eating according to the four seasons so I am super excited about this new cookbook by Donna Hay . I think it's only available in Australia at this point but hopefully will be out worldwide, soon!


  1. I love her cooking magazines but since we moved out of state, I haven’t found them here,which makes me sad….I would love to get a look at her cookbook,I’m sure it’s going to be fabulous!

  2. Oh I bought it on Sunday! Haven’t had a chance to scan any of it yet – it’s really beautiful – seasonal inspired styling from the magazine and, of course Donna’s wonderful recipies. The design is really gorgeous too, lovely typography, beautiful paper. Easily my favourite Donna Hay book yet. Maybe I can organise to send one to you?


  3. When I first moved to Australia I got one of her cookbooks to start with and I loved it. I love that her recipes are easy yet yummy. Going to bribe my sis to send me a copy heehee!

  4. I am just learning about seasonal cooking, so I hope this comes to the US sometime soon! In the meantime, perhaps you could share some of your own tips???

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