live on a country estate

I was reading through a Country Living UK magazine today (Sept.09 issue) and they had the coolest article about how you can live in a peasant cottage on an English estate like Chatsworth or Lanhydrock.  The cottages looked darling and some even had orchards and gardens. The prices sounded so reasonable (one was 575 Pounds a month with a one year lease.) Doesn't that sound dreamy?

Photo via ugardener on Flickr.


  1. I read about these in my UK mags too. It sounds so dreamy. =) I don’t know if in reality it would be, but in my mind it’s completely lovely. ; )

  2. I know, doesn’t it sound amazing! Also, it said that the cottages are very well cared for since many are owned by the national trust and that many of the landlords are very pleasant to deal with. you do have to bring your own furniture but i think that would be ok!

    Katy- I emailed you.

  3. at least by l.a. standards, that sounds TOTALLY reasonable! or as my friend kara would say: “TOTES.”

    anyway, it does sound dreamy, why don’t we have things like that here? i would love to live in a house like that, with a vegetable garden, a couple of chickens and endless sewing and knitting and baking. oh, let’s go!

  4. I saw this too! And I was thinking how I could probably manage with my little business if I lived somewhere like that, and not in extortionate London! Although I think it was pounds…(we don’t use Euros…) I just saw a lovely holiday cottage on Lobster and Swan’s blog.

  5. Ah! You are right Lynne.. with my traveling I am so confused about currencies now!! I will change that. Thanks! This would be the perfect spot for you to live and run your businesses!!

  6. I live in a tiny flat in London and pay big rent. I spend my days daydreaming about moving to the countryside and living in a pretty cottage like some of my friends do. But where would I work? I wouldn’t have a job to pay the rent? sigh 🙂

  7. There are some gorgeous places I agree – I lived in one with a woodcutter way back but with one pub in a ten mile radius even jam making, making yards of pretty curtains couldn’t keep the boredom away! Magical for a weekend xxx

  8. This photo reminds me of the film “Howard’s End” with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson. And yes, this does seem like a great way to live.

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