1. dang, yet another british store that i’d love to buy from except the shipping charges are too much. that bateau top is just about perfect!

  2. ha, i used to want a cape until the medievalists started wearing ones that weren’t cute. but this, this is very sweet 🙂 also love the stripes!

  3. I saw the perfect warm plaid fabric at the store the other day and since then I can’t stop thinking how much I’d love to make a set of floor pillows out of it and some cable knit material. Oh, fall…

  4. I’m always game for a bit of aubin wills inspiration. I live near one of their shops and always pop in ( and out empty handed)… Too steep for me even without the conversion! I don’t know if they’ll send them stateside, but they do quite a thick magazine/catalog for free that has nice photography. If not I post them on my blog… http://Www.pillarboxpost.com

    And just in case it makes you feel better about shipping-I found the perfectly priced and perfect toned fabric to cover some chairs from the states last night- but they want $50 for shipping 4 yards!!!

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