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Wedding 3

I am loving these details from artist, Jamie Bertsch's wedding. Here's what she says about the decorations: 

We made the arbor together, it was our collaboration installation! (we're both artists). The decor was based off of the pieces that we've collected over the years we've been together (with the addition of a few family heirlooms). We wanted every detail to be personal, and to have an overall setting that really captured "us".

Update about the dress: "My dress is my mother's wedding dress. We altered it together for my wedding day (we were the exact same size!). 

Wedding 2
Wedding 4 

More lovely photos on Jamie's Flickr.


  1. oh! these are lovely photos, i can’t wait to check out her flickr. . . i love her short hair and little veil–and the giant grins on their faces!

  2. wow! is there any way of finding out where the dress is from? I have been looking for a dress exactly like that! have been scouring for lace, patterns etc. Oh please please let me know and save me many hours of sewing? thank you!!!

  3. it was the best wedding i’ve ever been too! their most inspiring collaboration yet! they are as fun, happy, loving, and genuine as they look! and intensely creative too! i love you two!

  4. Oh my goodness! Thanks for sharing! I adore the stripped fabric curtain. I’m filing it away in my mind. Not sure why I would make one, but I’ll find a good reason one of these days. 🙂

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