hooked on glee


When I was a kid I watched so many musicals I seriously believe that it warped my perception of reality! Now days, I am happy to settle for a TV Musical Drama (R.I.P. Ally Mcbeal!). Elizabeth introduced me to Glee last week and now I am totally sucked into it! Anyone else watching?


  1. I don’t watch much TV but this season I am hooked with Mad Men and Glee.

    It’s a rare thing that I am so excited about Wed. ;D The episode with Kurt dancing to Beyonce’s Single Lady….that’s really good TV.

  2. Watched it for the first time last night and I absolutely love it. I’m not really into the plot lines which I can already feel myself getting tired of, but I can’t get enough of the music…it’s like watching something on Broadway but from the comfort of my couch! I just love me a musical and this is perfect!

  3. I am so so so so hooked! I was a choir geek in high school so it rings close to home for me. My boyfriend refuses to watch it with me, though. ha!

  4. Oh, I am totally hooked! And completely understand the musicals obsession. My husband thought I was crazy there for a while (then he saw ‘Singin in the Rain’ and was *fixed*) 😀

  5. Yes! I love it. I too watched way too many musicals when I was a kid. My top three favorite movies are musicals. Glee is fantastic. A great musical but really funny too. Even if you don’t like I musical, I think you’ll like glee.

  6. ahh! i am in love with Glee – i may or may not have already watched each episode a couple of times. i just need to go ahead and buy the music on iTunes. sosososo good.

  7. We heard the creator on Fresh Air and wanted to watch after his interview. It was a guilty pleasure for my husband and I but we were recently on vacation in LA and were at this hip fashion store and behind the counter they were watching it on a laptop. I whispered to my husband “They’re watching Glee!!!” After that we don’t feel quite so guilty loving it.

  8. I am hooked. I grew up with musicals as well and agree that it may have warped my perception of reality but definitely for the better. It helped me maintain my ability to play.

    Your blog is beautiful, I thoroughly enjoy it.

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