saddle shoes + plaid


Saddle shoes + plaid + red hair (I am jealous!)= perfection. Spotted on Nibs, one of my favorite blogs that was just re-launched (hooray!). Photo from Kapital.


  1. I am soooo buying a pair of those shoes from Bass! I used to have a pair, different color, in high school/college. The souls were run down so much from walking everywhere in college that I got rid of them. I love the color of this new saddle so much!

  2. I wore saddle shoes in high school and loved them. In 2008(30 years later) I saw them in The Vermont Country Store and couldn’t resist buying a pair.
    I have had my left leg amputated at the hip and I really appreciate the comfort. People used to stare and ask how I lost my leg, but now they stare at my foot and ask where did you find saddle shoes.

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