norrgavel sofas

Norrgavel 1 Norrgavel 2

Loving the sofas at Norrgavel and the way they prop them up with gobs of mismatched pillows! 


  1. I love the shapes. Especially the loveseat with the single seat cushion.
    I found a Karlanda sofa at Ikea in the as-is department the other day for $90. There was a baby blue slipcover next to it for $75. When I asked the sales woman if she would take $75 for the sofa she said, “No, but I’ll throw in the slipcover for free.” SOLD.

  2. I’ve kinda in the market for a new sofa and I’ve been thinking about getting a tufted back sofa and pile up the sofa with different seasonal pillows like the second image. Sometimes cushions and pillows get to be too much.

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