have a happy weekend!


A random fact: One of my dreams is to own a car with wood panelling. That is, if I ever own a car again! Hope you all have a lovely time this weekend. See you on Monday!


  1. When I was a kid our car broke down and we had to borrow my grandma’s for a while – which was the most rockin’ station wagon with wood paneling. Of course I did not find it awesome then, I was truly mortified. I think it may have ever had a velvet interior…

  2. I do believe as a child, wood pannelling was the most uncool vehicle detail. I actually think think they have so much more character than your typical hunk of steel.

  3. i’m with you. that’s something i’ve always thought i would take great delight in. Kind of like Out of Africa! i’d have all the ‘stuff’ to go with the trip too! seriously. husbands aren’t always in agreement with the ‘delightful’ in all of that.

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