blueberries + ricotta

Donna hay ricotta pancakes

I made these blueberry ricotta pancakes yesterday and they were so yummy! I guess what I love most about Donna Hay Magazine, aside from the breathtaking photography, is the purity of the recipes. Often, they contain only 5 or 6 ingredients, letting you sink into just a few flavors, instead of trying to wow you with crazy combinations. The simplicity of the recipes also makes the process easier for a novice cook like myself.


  1. I love the look of her magazine and have one of her books, but of the few recipes I’ve tried, they haven’t turned out great. Have you tried other recipes by her? If so, were they as successful? Maybe I’ll have to try it again.

  2. Hey Vanessa.. I’ve tried a couple of others. Luckily my magazines have the American conversions, but I have heard some people say that when they try to convert the recipes themselves they don’t turn out.

  3. Being a homegrown Oregon business, we can’t escape a love of all things berries. But we also love cheese, which is why we were so excited to see this recipe on your blog, combining the two in a sophisticated, yet simple breakfast. A definite one-two punch to start the day off right.

  4. My first few years in Australia, I lived by one of Donna Hay’s cookbooks which had recipes that called for only a few ingredients and what everyone has in their pantry. Total lifesaver! Love blueberry pancakes btw… my hub’s fave!

  5. Oh I totally agree – it is the best bit about her recipes, I can often pick up one of her books and make something – without having to write a massive list of ingredients I have never heard of and will never use again. Horray for Donna Hay! x

  6. I have been obsessed with pancakes lately, and these sound so good! I love donna hay too. I have so many cook books, but I always find myself going back to her. I have to get my hands on this issue.

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