vintage beach photos

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I am obsessed with vintage beach photographs! These happen to be of my granny. I know people had troubles back then, but when I look at these photos , their world seems so magical and carefree!

Here are some more photos I posted of her last summer (scroll to end of page to see them all). And  a few more on my Flickr, if you care to have a gander.


  1. I love vintage pics…we have some of my granny too, and I love looking at them! I know what you mean about it being a carefree world it does always seem like that doesn’t it?

  2. AHH! Something’s in the air!! Just this morning I found photos of my grandparents at the beach and also posted. I love looking at these photos and you’re certainly right, they exude a carefree attitude. Lovely pics!

  3. these are great! we have photos like this of one of my great aunts–she and her friends called themselves the kindred friendship club! thanks so much for posting these!

  4. Do you know about They post old pictures daily, and frequently feature shots of Potomac beaches in the 1920s.

  5. You are super lucky to have so many old pictures of your family! I love photos and have always wished we had more vintage pictures of my parents and grandparents when they were younger. No dice though. I love looked over your flickr set though. There is something especially charming about vintage photos. They really do look carefree- they are just having a good time. That’s always something that is fun to see.

  6. I love these! How special that you have so many photos of your grandma…I remember you doing something adorable with a photograph for her birthday invitations awhile back, too!

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