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Every year at this time I think back to the summer of '98 when I worked as a flower/garden girl at The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. It's a lovely little island on Lake Huron and there are no cars- just bicycles and horses! Someday I need to go back as a tourist. Do you have a favorite summer spot?

This holga photo looks just like my memories!


  1. Mackinac Island is a lovely place. I have been there several times on family vacations. But my favorite summer spot is my parent’s cabin in northern Wisconsin. Big campfires on cool summer nights are the best.

  2. what a lovely memory, chelsea. in the summer of 2005 i worked as an intern on nantucket in massachusetts…this time of year reminds me of that summer, especially after a day spent on a similar little island yesterday!

  3. i love mackinac island! my grandma and i went to visit a few years ago and we had the most marvelous time! i even went horseback riding in the park … amazing time.

  4. One summer in high school my family took a trip to Spain and we visited where they used to live. We met up with their old neighbors and went to the local bar. It was just a stand with lots of tables and chairs around it in the woods by a little stream. You could even see an old castle on the hill far away! It was so lovely, I hope to go back someday.

  5. Lewes, Delaware. Random, I know. I grew up going to the beach there with my grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, brother and parents. I would give anything to visit the dunes this summer.

  6. Oh, I love Mackinac Island! I went there many times with my family growing up! Beautiful! I always thought it would be fun to work there when I was older because all of the teenagers and college kids working on the island looked like they were having a blast. Last summer my whole extended family (parents, sisters, nieces, nephews) rented a couple of houses on Chappaquidick Island in Martha’s Vineyard. It is so peaceful and beautiful, a new favorite. There are no businesses on the island, it is so peaceful.

  7. Growing up in Alaska my extended family spent all summer on a beach commercial fishing. They fireweed covered bluffs and the rocky beach makes me homesick sometimes. I really want to go back! My most familiar memory was playing cowboys and indians and turning the tall fireweed stems into arrows. I have so many good memories from Clam Gulch beach…

  8. My family’s cottage up in northern Wisconsin… I spent my summer weekends there as a kid exploring in the woods, swimming in the lake, going for nature walks and sitting by the campfire. I’ll always hold those memories dear to me…

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