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My Aunt is throwing a birthday party for my granny who is turning 100 in a few weeks. Somehow I got signed up for invitations. I have three days to do it. I'll be attempting to make something like the above clipping from Martha. Wish me luck:)


  1. I love fun old pictures – we had an 70th for my great aunt and used a picture of her from back in the 50s posing in a swimsuit 🙂

    Happy 100th Granny! (will she get a letter from the Queen?)

  2. Good luck! Your Granny must be so proud! We did something similar for my Grandparents’ 50 wedding anniversary. Also, I mentioned your trip to Sweden on my blog today!

  3. What a great place to start 🙂 I’m wishing you heaps of luck, though I have a funny feeling you won’t need it 🙂

    She’s turning 100? INCREDIBLE!

  4. “Somehow?”
    Honey, if you were in my family, I’d have parties JUST so I could make you do invitations. I’d borrow old ladies from friends and say they were our long lost grannie who was turning 100, just to see what kind of crazy-wonderful invitation you would come up with. And then I’d make you do the flowers.

    It would be horrible, but I’d squeal alot about the result, which might even it out 😉 And I’d organize the party for you. I’m very organized.

    (What I mean to say is, you don’t need luck, you’ve got style, and they are going to be stunning.)

  5. Meg- I do need luck. Am currently drowning in rubber stamps and some very scary looking invites:) Am challenged with crafts that take more than 5 minutes of patience:) ! Now… I could definitely use your organization!!!!

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