i have the blues!


I am a Navy Blue girl. I've been wearing it practically head to toe since I was young. Suddenly, I am seeing it, along with lovely chambray blues, everywhere. I am particularly stuck on the BBW bag above. Can't get it out of my mind.

At J.Crew (check out these fantastic stripey shorts, though not very wearable for most of us!).


Practically everything at Built by Wendy is blue!


Jenny at Wiksten is sporting and selling some lovely blue items now (though many are currently sold out at this moment. More coming soon, I hear!)


  1. yay for blues! all i seem to wear is navy and white, so it’s nice to see some fresh new options. i love how that jcrew outfit is styled, but i agree, those shorts are not for most of us!

  2. I adore navy blue, as well. It’s soft, less severe alternative to black. I love pairing navy with another favorite, sage or kelly green.

  3. A woman after my own heart! I love those blues…My friends have considered staging an intervention because I seem to be so addicted to the color. I just love all the different things blue can do: it can be energetic, calm, soothing, bold…And when you wear it, it just fills you with that energy.

  4. I was just about to suggest you check out the stripped shorts at J.Crew & then I read the post a little closer… you already had them linked! I saw them in the store yesterday. ADORABLE!! (as is the rest of the stuff you have up there).

  5. I love blue clothes, I think when I was a kid that’s the only colour I wore, haha
    I recently purchased a denim tunic from La Redoute, I can’t wait for it to arrive 🙂

  6. oh dear! i just bought those stripey shorts last weekend! Why are they unwearable? Now i’m self conscious =X

  7. Oh wow, i love all of these things! I have just SCOURED the J Crew site for that skirt pictured, but it seems to be elusive! Am I the only one?
    Ce La Vie – I always want what I cant have! Ha!

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