hydra island cottage

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I've been reading about this Greek island called Hydra. There are no cars or even bicycles. The only mode of transportation is by donkey! Apparently it was a hot spot for artists in the 1960's. If I ever go there, I want to rent this bohemian cottage. Isn't that kitchen fabulous?


  1. I am not quite sure, Becky! Maybe it is the rough terrain. They do let you walk though:)

    Alison-that hotel looks amazing!! The wedding sounds like fun!!

  2. Eeek- I have ridden donkeys in greece before, and also walked up hills and been almost thrown off by donkeys. I would not recommend it! Sorry to be negative- I was all for it until you mentioned the donkeys!!

  3. A good friend of mine was from the island of Crete and remembers it being a great vacation spot. His family literally owned one of the smaller mountains over there and had there houses built at the base. Sounds incredible, but Im not sure I would venture over to that region these days with an American passport.

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