new sponsor: bath by bettijo


I refuse to buy any bath products containing chemicals and ingredients that I don't recognize. That's why I am so thrilled to introduce my new sponsor, Bath by Bettijo. Bettijo lists all the ingredients used in her products, right on her website  and everything is all natural. I am ordering the lip balm (as featured in Lucky) straight away!


  1. Perfect! I have been using liquid soaps for a few years but am switching back to bars. It is amazing how excited I am. Now I can ooh and ah over new soap options.

  2. YEAH!! I love the look of the lip balm in the shiny slide tins. They remind me of my first lip balm when I was a little girl.
    I love the packaging too…so simple. The soap dish set is also fantastic with the white ceramic soap dish and black ribbon. OH!! So much to LOVE!

  3. it’s ridiculous how quickly i’ll check out one of your new sponsors! I trust your intentions so much. lol

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