my camera is haunted


Yesterday, I went for a lunch break while working at a photo shoot. When I returned there was a pile of pictures in and in front of my Polaroid camera. Here's one of the photos my camera took. Creepy, huh?


  1. spooky! yesterday I was at the hardware store and my phone rang in bag, but when I went to look for it I couldn’t find it…when I got home it was on my dresser….

  2. That would creep me out. Were all the photos the same? I once heard a story of a girl that went camping by herself for a few weeks. When she got her film developed there were all these photos taken of herself sleeping. Creepy!

  3. Kathleen! That is SO scary! Yes, Jane, I had goosebumps and the photographer was pretty scared too. And, everyone who commented about their photography abilities- I took a pola before the shoot and this one the camera took by itself is so much better!:)

  4. Thats weird. I was asked recently to fix a camera for someone who was a spiritualist and said she was getting strange pictures. I was looking through it sat with my son, taking pictures of him to try it out. When i looked through at his pictures there was one with me sat with my son looking at the camera.
    i had the chills for days. there are some things we can’t explain that just happen.

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