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During the short time I spent in the UK, I noticed that the way people expressed themselves always sounded lovely, even if they were telling you to get lost, it sounded perfectly nice. Today my friend Jenny sent me the following websites. If you are visiting the UK sometime soon or just like to pretend you live there, you may find these helpful.

The American's guide to Speaking British

A Dictionary of Slang

Photo from Easy Living Magazine.


  1. Ha Ha! Love Love Love this link!
    I am a Brit girl and use this terminology ALL the time. It never occurred to me that people may not know what I am talking about!

  2. This is so funny! I am Italian, I live in London and my boyfriend is American. I get confused all the time about what is “proper” English and what is not! Will be looking at this guide quite often from now on 🙂 Thanks!!

  3. What a fun slang guide! I work with several people who are British and we have conversations all the time about funny Brit slang as well as American slang they find funny.
    P.S. I love your blog!

  4. “Am I to understand you wish to exchange the problem for towels?”

    – Spoken by a British woman to my friends and I while staying at a hostel in London.

    My most memorable experience in the U.K. to date! 🙂

  5. My friend’s name is Adrianne, but she’s been known as Randy since she was a little girl. I went to visit Randy when she was living in Oxford and spent the whole time worried that I was going to slip up and call her Randy, which has a whole different meaning in the UK!
    I also love that “pants” means undies and that “car boot” is the trunk of a car. British English is the best!

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