1. These are definitely going on my spring wish list…now to decide which pair b/c while I can afford one pair more than that would stretch the shoe budget a little bit 😉

  2. I also thought these shoes were adorable when I ordered them. I bought both the Mercer flats and Mulberry Mary Janes. After one day of wear the soles began to peel off on not one but both pairs. This requires repair if I am to continue wearing them. For the price, I expected much higher quality.

    When I explained to Marais the shoes were defective, all I received was a cut and paste apology that stated “we’ve had very little complaints about our shoes,” along with a 10% credit, amounting to $5.20. This would not even cover repair costs.

    I received no real acknowledgment of my unsatisfactory customer experience and no offer of a complete refund for a defective product, despite several emails explaining the condition of my shoes and my disappointment with their customer service.

    For a new company that is still building its customer base, I was shocked to not only receive defective products, but even moreso such poor customer service. I will no longer support MaraisUSA, nor do I recommend others to purchase their products.

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