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Yesterday I went to Uwajimaya and spent an exorbitant amount of money on Japanese crafting books. Do I read Japanese? No. Do I craft? Not really.


  1. Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes!

    I just bought a 500 page book in JAPANESE on FOLDING PAPER. What?! Whatever, it totally made sense at the time.

  2. Not a lot of things make me laugh out loud, Chelsea, but your commentary on this one is cracking me up!

    And I totally identify—I have a stack of library books about 20 books high, all from the cookbook section, with titles like ‘mediterranean harvest’ and james beard’s theory and practice of good cooking’. And yet I still just reach for a box of pasta and a jar of sauce every night…

    But it’s the thought that counts, right?!

  3. Ha!Ha! Anne. I do the same. I subscribe to Everyday Food + have stacks of Donna Hays but I rarely cook. I am going to change that this year though.. I promise!!

  4. i totally understand! i so so love japanese craft books. actually any japanese book/cookbook/magazine with photography. i don’t read japanese too though i’m currently taking up classes. =)

  5. It’s nice to see from your post and the comments that I am not alone in my compulsion to buy loads of Japanese crafting books! Every so often I get over to the Kinokuniya in NYC and can never leave without at least one. I’ve been stocking up on lovely little books about hand carving rubber stamps, which I have every intention of spending a lot of time doing. The sewing books I’ve bought, though, have sat on the shelf for a looong time with no projects completed by me 🙂

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