dreaming of italy

Car italy polaroid
Flowers rome

I love these dreamy Polaroids of Italy. Have you seen or read Enchanted April? It's a delightful mid-winter escape. During college, I traveled around Italy studying art history and discovered that it's one of my favorite places in the world. I also discovered that, while I love museums, I'd rather spend my time wandering through poppy fields and photographing window boxes with geraniums in them.

Polaroids by ilse + natasha.


  1. i really long to go to italy and envy your time there. i love the polaroids.

    i have the movie ‘enchanted april’ on vcr tape and a vintage copy of the book. i just love the story and think i’ll watch it again this weekend.

    have you seen ‘all passion spent’ by vita sackville-west? it’s based in england, but so charming. i think you’d love it.

  2. I used to live there when I was little. The picture of the car reminds me of the little FIAT my dad drove. It had rabbit fur seat covers and it was pimpin’ ride.

    I think more than anything I miss the smells, especially during the fall. The smell of firmenting grapes was like heaven.

  3. I love, love Italy! I spent about 6 months there during college as well and it was the best experience ever. Can’t wait to go back…hopefully soon! The photos are gorgeous.

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