winter at luscher farm: ruffles

Ruffle 1

Ruffles 5

Ruffles 3

Ruffles 4

Ruffles 6

I have a few posts from our farm adventures on Saturday. I'll try to spread them out over the week. My lovely friends Marianne + Amber modeled for me. They brought their cute clothes and we put together some ensembles, but mostly Amber did. She's quite the fashion stylist. The weather was sunny but very cold and windy. It was so fun to play!

P.S. These are all Polaroids. Did you hear that it was saved?


  1. i’ve been jumping for joy since saturday since i heard the good news!!! i just scanned in a bunch of polaroids to celebrate the good news too…and i *love* these polaroids you just posted!! =)

  2. chelsea these are all fabulous! They are incredible, I thought they were part of a catalogue until I read you said ‘from our shoot on saturday’, then I scrolled down to read more. You clever gal!!! xx

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