1. I had no idea it was on! But I am bookmarking the online viewing site.

    Are you going to watch Cyrano with J. Garner and Kevin Kline? I think it is on the 7th, PBS naturally.

  2. Oh … this killed me. And the next episode will be even more agonizing! I’m shaking my fist at you, Angel Clare!

    Masterpiece has a really great lineup this year. It’s my favorite thing, to curl up on my couch Sunday night with a mug of soup and get lost in literary adaptations!

  3. I watched it and loved it. Except it was terribly sad! But oh well, all the good novels end that way I guess 🙂 I can’t wait for the next episode although I have a feeling it will get even more sad. I liked the costumes and scenery.

  4. I watched and it was so beautiful … only wish we didn’t have to wait a whole week for the next segment. I LOVE Masterpiece on Sunday nights, a great way to start the week.

  5. i watched it all but the last twenty minutes (have it recorded and can’t wait to watch the rest, and part two.
    it is gorgeous, and the actress that plays tess is so beautiful!
    also, i love how these masterpiece productions always follow the book surprisingly well.

  6. One summer I decided to read all the Thomas Hardy books, starting with Tess and ending with Jude the Obscure. Note to readers: Do not try that at home, unless you plan to check yourself into a depression clinic of some sort. Egads.

  7. I agree with Marcey. The A&E Justine Waddell/Oliver Milburn version was my favorite so far! But yeah, I love the book and I’ll welcome any new chances to see it done again. Can’t wait for Sunday.

  8. I love this version. It’s so beautiful and green! But I don’t know if I can watch the second part. It’s just beyond devastating. Poor Tess! Sometimes I wish that she could live in a Jane Austen book, just for a little while.

    I agree with another reader–Masterpiece Theater has a great line up this season. Can’t wait for Little Dorrit.

    PS– Love you blog.

  9. OMG hmk, you read my mind! IWhile watching online, I remember thinking that Tess really needs a nice, long dip into Jane Austen’s world. My, how different those two worlds are.

    Gemma Arterton, who plays Tess, has also been a Bond girl. She’s pretty famous in the UK.

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