winter cyclists


Something tells me I would not look this stylish riding a bicycle in the snow. Especially since I can't even walk in ice and snow without falling flat on my face:) According to the Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog, 80% of the cyclists in Copenhagen still ride straight through the winter, many of them as stylish as ever! So admirable.

Photographs from Copenhagen Cycle Chic.


  1. Snow would be a completely different scenario than the ice we get Chelsea. What is weird about the helmet issue: at home, I insist on wearing a helmet while riding. It just seems natural to do, but when I was in Amsterdam, it just didn’t seem odd to go without.

  2. Wow, brave souls, and way more coordinated that me, I tried the bike thing in college, I ran a girl over, like straight up tire marks on her face…it was bad.

  3. God, I feel so lazy when I see things like this. But I know that it would be a dangerous thing, me on a bike in the snow. Or even the rain. But these ladies are inspiring, that’s for sure!

  4. I think in cities where biking is more prevalent, then motorists are a little more attuned to having them around – hence the no helmets. On Copenhagen Cycle Chic? I think it may be a fashion issue. 😉 So brave in the snow!

  5. yay, i love bicycling in the snow, but i could never not wear a helmet here in cambridge, mass. maybe in other areas where motorists are respectful of cyclists, it wouldn’t be so necessary.

    it’s really peaceful to bike right after a snowstorm when there aren’t any cars or pedestrians out.

  6. Jane, I’m in Toronto too, and you’re right that winter biking here (let alone stylish winter biking) is impossible.

    When the wind catches my coat like a sail and pushes my bike backwards, I stop riding for the winter.

    These photos are super cute though 🙂

  7. I cycle through the winter! Once I smashed the back axel of my bike cycling through a snowstorm because the snow got so impacted around the wheel. 🙂

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I passed on the blog love award to you (and this post in particular!) Thank you for always posting such incredible and beautiful things.

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