my thanksgiving weekend

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Thanksgiving was really nice this year.

+ We made bread wreath favors from Martha Stewart for each place setting. I loved how my nephews destroyed and devoured them within seconds!

+ Tables were set with the china collection and at the last minute I gathered herbs and bay into vintage pitchers and set them haphazardly between the food. I really liked how simple the tables turned out but I didn't really get a good picture for you.

+ My mom made galettes instead of pies. Aren't they pretty?

+ I worked at a flower shop, went hiking, watched lots of movies (and slides), held my baby niece and ate tons of food! All my siblings were in town so that made it extra fun. I am really lucky because they are all amazing cooks!

I hope your weekend was lovely too.


  1. I love the bread wreath idea. I can’t find it on Martha Stewart’s website, so do you mind if I post your photo on my blog (credit to you of course)? Fantastic idea, as usual!

  2. I thought about making those wreaths VERY briefly–I was too intimidated. Yours turned out beautifully! Glad you were able to take a picture before your nephews devoured them!

  3. The bread wreaths are fantastic! I can’t find the recipe on Martha’s site. Do you have it? Thanks so much, and sorry to trouble you!

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