new obsession: slide film

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On Thanksgiving, I forced my entire family to watch almost 10 carousels of old slides. It is so fun to discover old photos and with slides you never know which one will pop up next. The colors are saturated and it has a beautiful mood to it. Now, I am obsessed. I am purchasing some slide film straight away! I'll let you know how it goes.

Photos by Na Lucki on Flickr.


  1. i just love those slides you have there. i can’t wait to see more! i just got a 35mm film camera as a very early christmas present. we have no slides from childhood, so it would be fun to make some, now.

  2. our family did the exact same thing on thanksgiving – we’d just found boxes and boxes of old slides. somehow the film makes everyone look more beautiful.

  3. I love old slides, too, specially from Lisbon, a place that has a very, very special light. As I live in Lisbon I feel it every day.

  4. I just got into slides too! I got a bunch of my grandparent’s vacation slides and bought a scanner to digitize them. It was so much fun!!

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