linen kitchen skirt


Today my mom came over and helped me make this linen skirt for under my kitchen sink. I am really happy with it. There is virtually no natural light  in my teeny kitchen , so I had to take the photo at this weird angle. I am trying to use what I have to make my apartment more homey. Its fun! I am not a fan of my counter tops though. Does anyone have DIY tips for countertops (for rentals)?


  1. my sister-in-law did contact paper on hers… i think she’s been there two years or so and it’s held up pretty well (even around the sink). you’d just have to find contact paper that you like…

  2. Thanks for the tips everyone!

    Jane, I just measured and hemmed up a piece of fabric for the space. The space I have is pretty long so I needed an extra sturdy spring rod so it wouldn’t sag in the middle.

  3. I bought a couple of large cutting boards from IKEA that covered the countertops completely. It covered the yuk and gave me a great butcher block look.

  4. In our old kitchen i put down very nice contact paper that looked like old dutch tiles. it was from william sanoma. it actually lasted 4 years. a major upgrade from tan and white formica trying to look like marble.

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