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So, I am going a bit crazy here. Jane posted about Daylesford Organic and I am swooning. Go have a looksie at their website and peruse all of their different locations around London. They are basically a bakery/cafe/farm/butcher/kitchen. It sort of varies with each location. At the Pimlico location they even have fresh flowers. I want to be the flower girl there! 


  1. thanks for passing on this store’s site.

    love the lifestyles approach to stores. they are taking it to another level for sure… beautiful.

  2. i’m holding my face over those precious bouquets like macaulay culkin in ‘home alone’! i would happily be the flower girl’s assistant ;)!

  3. I have been to the Pimlico branch several times. It is really lovely although the kind of place you feel you should be wearing caramel coloured cashmere and have an investment banker husband. I love their flowershop and look closely at their arrangements and then try to recreate them at home. I buy little things like washing up liquid and nice bread. THe food is all beautifully produced and packaged but I always feel I should make it myself at home!

  4. oh my! i found you via the bliss blog and this has me so excited, i just can’t tell ya!

    i’m a new zealander living in london (been here just over a year) and i am always on the lookout for nice places to eat and shop. this looks so great that i am already trying to work out just how soon i can get myself to one of these stores.

    thanks for brightening my day, i’ll be back again to visit you for sure.

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