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There are lots of people to thank for our wedding, but it seems silly to keep posting Stacey's photos without first saying something about the woman behind them.  It's going to be sappy.

I was, to put it mildly, a wreck the day of the wedding.  I had run myself ragged with work  in the weeks leading up to it and didn't have more than a few minutes a day to spare to take care of anything. So the escort cards were scribbled by my bridesmaids and I a few hours before the ceremony, my mom and the girls assembled programs while we ate lunch, and I finally considered what I might do for my hair and makeup (in the end, lip gloss and a quick ponytail!).

I had never met or talked to Stacey before, but I instantly recognized her huge blue eyes the second I opened the door, and within seconds I felt fine. Somehow — she's magic! — she made me collect myself and say okay, this is really happening, today. 

So thank you, Stacey — for your lovely photos, but even moreso for putting me at ease.

photos by Stacey Kane

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