rita konig decorating tip #1


Don’t think that you need to decorate in one go.  Decorating a house
takes a while and it always looks better when it has evolved over time.
You will also be able to afford much nicer things if you do this.

-Rita Konig

Image from Paul Costello.


  1. I always try to remember this when I’m frustrated with how unfinished my place is.

    I’m constantly revising and evolving decisions. You can always tell when a space was put together and planned in one fell swoop.

  2. I need, need to follow this one better. I get so excited and anxious for the final result that I sometimes make decisions I want to change later.

  3. I just told my boyfriend that a few days ago, setting my ‘strategy’ to building a home when we do get one.

    All these tips are excellent, so true to the heart.

  4. I’ve been trying to explain this to a friend, who just moved into a Brooklyn brownstone with her boyfriend and is in a tizzy trying to get it fully decorated.

  5. Loving these tips. Especially this one….it seems so many people today go for decorating their house in a couple weeks time. It does look pretty to have a complete house but usually there is not a lot of character or meaning behind any of the items and I think that is just no good.
    Love your blog!

    la la lovely

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