1. thats one of the things i love about just being alive – the change of season – no matter how many times winter, spring, summer, or fall comes around – its just fun. cute post.

  2. I love american teen magazines back to school features! In England everyone wears uniforms so obviously we don’t make a big deal of it. It always gets me so excited for autumn, like a new start.

  3. It’s a cute photo. Seems sort of ironic and funny, too though. Since gas prices are so high, I guess even teenagers need to park the car in the garage and ride the motor bike.

  4. I always, always loved the back-to-school issues of my favorite magazines. Even after allllll these years later, it’s almost comforting to see them still showing the requisite argyle and plaid. This sooo takes me back! 🙂

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