elizabeth dye: fashion tip #5


Diana Vreeland said “Elegance is refusal.” Clothes are so affordable
and abundant these days that we fall in and out of love with them too
easily. Resist buying armloads of cheap trends. Cultivating a life long
love affair with a few well-made pieces is better for the environment,
for your wallet, and for your soul.

Elizabeth Dye

Photo from Lyell Spring/Summer 2006


  1. Perfect. I could not possibly agree more. My grandmother taught me this and it’s always stuck with me. She was one classy lady. Thank you for sharing this most important fashion tip!

  2. hip, hip hurray for that tip! i agree and something my european friends are so great at. they have fewer clothes and the pieces they do have are stunning and timeless. i hope we (in the states) catch onto this idea and start supporting independent designers in a bigger way. btw- emily, i’ve really enjoyed your posts and pictures! *a

  3. What a breath of fresh air. I get so tired of fashion advice that revolves around accumulating the next “it” item(s)- its a battle you can never win. Better to really enjoy what you have and get more creative with those pieces. Thanks for all these wonderful suggestions.

  4. I LOVED reading these, especially #5. It’s quite unsettling to think of all of the funds I’ve wasted on trendy items over the years. This quote is definitely one I’ll strive to keep in mind!

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