After seeing Zooey Deschanel in the latest issue of Lucky (which was great, btw) and on David Letterman last night, I am hopping on the bandwagon. I love her style. View the clip to see the frilly little dress and flower in her hair up close.

Photos from here.


  1. i saw her on dave, too. he mentioned that she looked like she had an event to go to, and she said, “just this one!” hooray for dressing up, she looked so pretty.

    i think it would be great if more people dressed up for the little things like going on an airplane or shopping at the mall. like the old days. 🙂

  2. Zooey is SO lovely! I have been following her since I fell in love w/the movie Almost Famous when she so adoringly leaves her little brother w/albums that will change his world.

    She is singing w/M. Ward in their band called She + Him. This girl is so talented both on screen + off!

    I’m so glad more are taking note of people like her rather than some other “trashier types” who shall remain nameless….

  3. I like Zooey and her sister both. Always have. That bad movie with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey was terrible except for her bit part. Her part cracked me up.

  4. So glad you all love her too. You’ve all reminded me to listen to She & Him which I’ve known about but never given much of a listen to. I’ve got it streaming now and I love how old-time the music sounds. I grew up on all old ’40’s music so it’s fun to hear a freshened up version! Thanks for your comments,all!

  5. She is so timeless and one of those people who can pull off any look. So jealous. Plus she does have an amazing voice, even live. I was lucky enough to see She & Him at SXSW. She was laid back but mesmerizing. You could tell the whole group was having such a great time playing and singing.

  6. i absolutely adore her!
    i was so excited to see her on the cover of lucky, i literally spotted her face from across the store. she’s so great. even more i cannot believe she is 28! she looks so young.

  7. she’s so adorable in this dress, but i’m still having a hard time picturing her in this new film. i’m not sure we’re going to watch it, but i do love her so much!

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