silence just for a bit


So, my job is really busy right now and I’ve been feeling pretty under the weather as well. I am also having a difficult time blogging about light, pretty, happy things when I keep hearing about 10’s of thousands of people dying in China and Myanmar. As much as I like this blog to be an escape from those things- sometimes I feel acknowledgment at least is due. So excuse me if I’m a bit silent this week. Thanks for being such faithful and nice readers. {image from Erica Shires}


  1. Oh! You missed Elizabeth’s show? We missed you then! I was actually excited to see if I’d get to meet you in person. It was a bit chaotic, so I figured I just missed everyone except my husband in my flustered state. Perhaps next time! The clothes were spectacular, of course, but could we ever expect less from Elizabeth? See you next time around! 🙂

  2. sorry you are not feeling well. i know how you feel about the earthquake tragedy in china. it makes my heart hurt for all of those people who lost their loved ones.

  3. Sometimes its too easy, or maybe easier to just switch off from such things. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge this is happening, it has made me do the same. x

  4. Well said indeed, I am having the same problem. I keep wanting to post about relief efforts or new inventions in refugee housing, but that just will not work.

  5. thank you for saying this ‘out loud.’ I know that it’s on peoples’ minds and it’s nice to occasionally acknowledge it even in a place where we usually go for an escape. Sometimes all the escape-ism can be emotionally draining in times of crisis. Thank you again and best wishes.

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