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Wide_legged_j_crewRoll_up_sleeves_shirt_jcrewTei_front_j_crew_blouseT_shirt Blazer_3Floaty_scarf

The following is basically a visual exercise for me to attack my wardrobe dilemmas. The truth is that my wardrobe is so very tired and unfortunately not fitting my new figure that some how appeared around the time I turned 30. I plan on picking up a few basic pieces this weekend to remedy the situation. Here are a few styles that have worked well for me in the past, if you know of great sources for any let me know! And, contrary to the photos, I am not interested in dressing head to toe in J. Crew or in all white.

1. Wide legged pants.

2. Button down shirts in light weight cotton with rollable sleeves.

3. Blouses with tie fronts.

4. Tissue-weight tees fitted or floaty.

5. Jackets or blazers (not with a button down shirt though)

6. Floaty scarves.

7. Wedge heals that are good for walking.

8. Empire waist long cardigans-these are really good at hiding some areas I don’t love:)


  1. I am so with you on this! My body is permanently different since I had a baby (and turned 30) & I really need an update. I like how you’ve identified specific things that have worked for you before. I need to make a list like this. I will be watching the comments on this for sure!

  2. I have been feeling the same way! I am really drawn to tie front blouses and button ups. And frankly, I would LOVE to dress in all J Crew…

  3. hmm. i do know that Old Navy and Gap are great for tissue-paper-thin tees, and i’ve also found some actually in the Target sleepwear section (Xhilaration Intimates?), and Ann Taylor has some nice wide-leg pants in now. every time i go for what you’ve done above – solid color BASIC pieces – i always end up buying something completely random just because it’s on clearance instead (i.e. i go in for some nice black basic trousers and come home with a peacock printed tube top – <-only an example :P) hmph. good luck with sticking to the basics and THEN going for the fun stuff. (hah...looks like the Target ones are actually CALLED Tissue Tees...funny... http://www.target.com/Xhila-Tissue-Tee-Starfield-Blue/dp/B000X2OITO/qid=1205439456/ref=br_1_6/602-8543703-7107809?ie=UTF8&node=391710011&frombrowse=1&rh=tgt%5F1%3ATees&page=1 )

  4. I noticed that Gap had some nice looking wide leg pants for the spring/summer and at reasonable prices. I too need to do some wardrobe updating – yay for spring!

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