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Since I can’t really sew more than a pillow (my last attempt at sewing a piece of clothing was a pair of shorts in an "ice cream" colors stripe for my 6th grade home-ec class. The result was absolutely horrifying!) Maybe I should just support great seamstresses and designers instead of attempting it myself. Alyson recently shared her experience working with Shaybelle on a custom dress. The finished product is so darling! I want this blue dress  (I la la la love a tailored bodice and rolled up sleeves) but I want it to be longer to spare the world too much peek at my thighs! (Do these dresses look good longer? I am not sure.) I am drawn to the designs of Wilksten-Made, Uniform Studio, Le Bouton, Ellybeth is super inspiring. Do any of you know of others?


  1. i am constantly kicking myself for not learning how to sew, but i doubt i have the patience or attention span for these projects.

    i do think that they look better short, though, which can be a problem for some.

    i am loving le bouton’s straight skirt. and anything by jenny, elly, or martha, would be amazing to wear because i know just how much care and thought went into the design and fabrication.

  2. who made that second dress? so pretty.

    i really really want to learn to sew, too. i wish bloggers lived closer together so we could learn together. i think if i did it on my own, i’d lose patience.

  3. I like Wiksten, though I wish she did custom orders. I love the style of the Tova dress, but the prints are a little much for me. I’m a solids girl. 🙂

    thanks for these links, le bouton is new to me.

  4. How cute is the blue and white dress?!?! Adorable!!! I don’t know how long these dresses can go, maybe about 3 inches because of the shape…but you could always add cute tights!! That’s what I do now with my miniskirts!

  5. i love these for spring! the blues are so beautiful. and don’t let the length discourage you, they would look great paired with leggings or dark skinny jeans.

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