old school days


Check out this school binder of my grandmother’s. It’s full of her doodles and drawings, song quotes, boys names, and signatures of her classmates. Circa 1933. Click to read the details (the pictures look a little weird because they all scanned different colors). The one below is my favorite.



  1. WOW! That is the coolest. Not that different from kids of today, just a different era. I remember doodling over my school books too. I particularly like that she has a list of boys names and their addresses! Do they belong to your grandma for whom you threw the yellow birthday party?

  2. Such a great find! You must be so glad she kept these. Please tell me you are framing them or finding some way to preserve them.

  3. Sarah- No is my other grandma’s she is almost 90.

    Elisabeth- yes she was and is. She’s always been very boy crazy:)

    Ansley, I am just borrowing it for now, but we should definitely figure out a way to preserve it as it is quite fragile.

  4. This is so beautiful! I am fascinated with this period of time and would consider this a treasure if it was found at a flea market. The fact that it is your grandmother’s makes it unbelievably special. Lucky you!

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