Guest Blogger Melissa: Britex Fabrics

Everyone in San Francisco knows about Britex Fabrics, a 4-floor, 10,000 square foot emporium in Union Square.  (Actually, most designers and costumers around the country are very well acquainted as well- they often fly to San Francisco just to shop their enormous and unique selection of fabrics and accessories from around the globe.) 

Remember June Carter’s (Reese Witherspoon’s) dress when she went into the river after Johnny Cash in Walk the Line?  Made from Britex Fabrics.  Brad Pitt’s suit in Ocean’s 11?  Britex Fabrics.  The period costumes in Memoirs of a Geisha?  You guessed it.

Now everyone can shop the store- without having to jump on a plane.  Learn more about Britex by Mail here.


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