Guest Blogger Melissa: 49 SQ MI bags

49 SQ MI is a new handbag line based in San Francisco (didn’t you know that the city is 7 miles by 7 miles?)- but they’re sold all across the country.  (Find out exactly where, here.)  Everyone here at Ruby Press carries one of their bags- I just bought the Frost Shopper in Geranium, which is the most amazing shade of coral-ly red. 

Their leathers are all Italian, and so yummy to the touch.  (And like all leather bags of this quality, they get better with age.)   


{My spring bag!}


{Love the deep aqua crackle patent!}


{My next purchase- a tangerine day clutch!}


  1. Aaryn- you should be able to find a list of stores on their website that carry the purses. You could call or email and find out if they have that color.

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