rose and radish does it again!




I know, I know. I already said goodbye. I haven’t left yet and I just happened to catch up on the Rose and Radish Journal and I couldn’t resist sharing. Rose and Radish is my favorite flower shop in the world right now. They manage to keep things fresh and modern without going all funky and weird and contrived. I love the pictures of flowers they are capturing on their journal (see my true love– the violets, above). And, have you seen their dreamy floral subscriptions? I wish I lived in San Francisco so I could buy one for me (yes, I do buy my own flowers:) and everyone I know. I seriously cannot contain my excitement. Flowers just do it for me. I promise I really am signing off now!


  1. Am I not supposed to buy my own flowers? Hmm, I always do. I mean, who else is going to buy them? 😉

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