Guest Blogger Melissa: Alameda Flea Market, Part One

My husband Sam, two dogs (Huck and Lulu) and I live in Alameda, which is an island just east of San Francisco, and south of Berkeley and Oakland.  It’s claim to fame (at least in my circles) is the flea market, which is truly amazing.  I’ve been to some great flea markets in my day (I still say that my day trip to Brimfield was one of the best days of my life, hands down!), and this is truly one of the very best.

The Alameda Flea Market happens the first Sunday of every month, rain or shine, and goes from 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  I usually get there by 8:00 AM and find that it’s early enough to find great stuff.

I have found so many amazing things at this flea market- the vintage rhinestone earrings I wore on my wedding day, the bamboo shelves in my living room, countless vintage dresses, old photographs, loads of vintage Christmas ornaments…I could go on and on.

Some amazing pieces I found yesterday…




More tomorrow!

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  1. I love those chairs! My boss has some really funky chairs here at the office that he’s not using (and honestly, he needs to get new ones unless he wants to refinish them). I’m trying to convince him to let me “take them off his hands” because they would be so amazing with new fabric and a different stain on the arms. They’re not at all like these ones, but it just reminded me (:

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