guest blogger elisabeth: easy drapes


I told Chelsea that if I was feeling brave I would share a picture or two of our apartment. Well this photo happens to be the only one that I have, and it’s not very good (and I took it two years ago to show my dad the flowers he’d sent for my birthday).

But! The point of the exercise is to draw your attention to the drapes, which were just about the easiest thing to make and one of my favorite bits of our living room. I had purchased a vintage crewel bedspread on eBay, I think while in college, and not really knowing what I’d do with it. When we moved to Boston I cut it in four strips, bought two wooden dowels from the hardware store, and looped them through the existing seamed bits at the ends of the bedspread (I’m sure there’s a proper word for these). And there you have it! Easy drapes!

PS The dhurrie is from Wisteria and is my second favorite bit of the living room.


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