Kennedy Wedding

I saw a post over on Classic Bride about JFK Jr.’s wedding. I remember when the photos appeared in the press. Of course it helps that they were both incredibly beautiful people, but I love their glamour paired with the rustic setting. Only candles were used to light the tiny chapel. I am inspired by such radical simplicity.




  1. She has always been one of my style ideals… I absolutely love the expression that you used : “radical simplicity”. Let that be my motto,too.
    (I’ve added you to my links, by the way)

  2. this really was the perfect wedding. whenever a friend of mine gets engaged, she always says she wants a dress like this. it really remains in people’s minds, even so many years afterwards!

    i also love her red lipstick 🙂

  3. your blog has been one of my favorites since i first started reading wedding blogs, so imagine my excitement when i saw this post :o) glad you enjoyed it!

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