{linda and harriet}

My Etsy purchases have been getting a little out of control in the past few weeks. How many calendars does a person need? I already have a Diana Fayt calendar (so, so pretty!) and an Ilee calendar (darling!) and now I want to buy this one from Linda and Harriet. Maybe I should strictly give calendars for gifts this year. {pictures from Linda and Harriet}



  1. I love these calendars on etsy. By the time I get around to noticing these cute calendars they are almost always sold out:(

    But you definitely need at least two calendars…one for the office, one for your room (or home office), one for the kitchen…I could go on. and on.

  2. Thanks Chelsea! Funny that you probably posted this as I was updating my photos of it. btw – you have great music suggestions. I’ve found three bands through you!

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