{le monde}

I’ve told you before about my love for Le Monde as a crafting supply. I can’t actually read it (though I do try).  This newspaper has such a lovely sheen, I use it to wrap up flowers, plants or gifts. In her book, Instant EntertainingDonna Hay uses it as a table runner. I love it!



  1. Really? Really? I have never heard of anything like this but I like the sound of it. Does the ink get smudgy?
    I will investigate when I go to Paris next month.

  2. No smudges with this paper. It is a different paper than most newspapers. When I wrap plants in it, I always put a layer of cellophane underneath. Usually you can find it locally too, in a big city. I used to buy out the newspaper shop:)

    Paris next month, huh? cool!!

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